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Free yourself from diet fatigue and generic health advice

The weight loss and dietary market globally is a multi-billion dollar business. There is also a growing number of health experts, products, services and tools at our disposal when it comes of nutrition information, meals plans, apps and more recently, DNA testing, with claims it can tell us what to eat. But there's still something missing, as you can also read from this post.

A survey revealed that we will have attempted 126 different diets in our lifetime and global obesity is at a rise with 52% of adults overweight or living with obesity. 65% of people who lose weight gain it all back after 3 years.

Why is there a gap in sustainable, long-lasting results despite billions of dollars, resources, services and products targeted towards nutrition, diets, exercise and program?

While there is a time and place for many of these strategies, unfortunately, most of them address one aspect of food and nutrition, rather the the person as a whole. Modern research has shown us that our hormones, age, metabolism, genes, physiology, behaviours, habits and environment all play a role when it comes to staying healthy and managing disease.

A mis-match between a dietary or fitness strategy can lead to a poor or even a negative outcome to our health. The Heritage Family Study demonstrates the same exercise program can negatively impact cholesterol in one group but has a positive impact on cholesterol in another. Another example, where the same amount of calories can result in more weight gain in one group vs another.

Despite recommendations on healthy eating and nutrition information, many of the advice is still generic, leaving many individuals confused about what is the best way to eat or exercise that is aligned with their biology.

But before you throw in the towel or give up, modern science and health technology has integrated multiple studies of anthropometry, endocrinology, epigenetics, phenotypology and neuroscience into an algorithm that allows us to measure ourselves and provide precise, personalised data that is affordable, practical and actionable.

In a study with 422 men and women between the ages of 20-81, over a 6 month period, a personalised health tool, based on health type profiling, improved sleep quality, general mood, energy, memory, brain performance and confidence.

This was not a study about one particular diet or exercise program, but a personalised approach based on a health profile assessment, that implemented various kinds of meal frequency, size, timing, macronutrients, exercise type and coaching support specific to the individual.

As an example of some of the different health profiles, below are two contrasting types and their individual requirements:

Healthy Type - Sensor:

Health Type - Guardian

As you can see above, the meal frequency, timing, quantity and nutrient focus are quite different. The types of movement or exercise that they respond to, and their potential health problems are also specific to each.

Mis-matching of food, fitness and coaching:

If we were to apply a common generic approach to another health type vs one that is personalised and precise, you can observe how a mis-match can result in a poor outcome:

Matching the biology with the intervention matters just as much as a the coaching psychology and approach to creating new habits and better lifestyle choices. Whether your goal is to improve your body composition, improve strength, performance, sleep, energy and mental health, taking the trial and error or guesswork out of the equation and aligning our biology with the appropriate strategies, will set you free from fad diets, unnecessary and expensive testing, supplements and treatments.

Just like our fingerprint, we are all unique. There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle strategies. There is no one healthy diet or exercise that is the best; they all work, if matched appropriately to the individual.

Taking the next step is simple and affordable. There is no invasive testing or sampling required. The assessment can be done in-person or online.

To start investing in your health you can contact us for a personalised health type assessment on or WhatsApp us on +85291513446.

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